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Saturday, May 31, 2008; 8:10 AM

J U N K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love for Junk, esp the chocolate biscotti (Pict 4).
You know, they do really help me in my pull up's ......
bye bye Silver..........

Sunday, May 25, 2008; 10:12 AM

Took this picture months ago when i was drinking green tea. When i look at this picture, it dates me back to a Disney cartoon that i watch which features talking tea cups, now what cartoon was that?

; 9:31 AM

Question: What happens when you receive frail slabs of overcooked scramble eggs and 2 pieces of processed fish nuggets at 6a.m in the morning, in a horrible looking white microwave friendly ration box with half of loaf of white bread thrown to you ?

Answer: You either make peace with it or close the box back and throw everything in the bin without touching it.... (i chose the latter, and say a prayer in hope that lunch is better ....)

So that is what i got for breakfast after a torturing 12 hour shift over night... but never mind, my morning today was spent healing that scar by making myself scramble eggs on my own, with the leftover chorizo saussages and sun-dried tomatoes, no pictures though cos the camera is on vacation with my dear mother..... the thing i like about eggs is that its such a versertile ingredient to use, and an important one too ! omit it out from cakes or mousse, and you are left with something that is flat or say take it out off a breakfast menu, and its not the same anymore, some of my favourite egg reciepes inculdes: Eggs Benedict which i adore, thick hollandaise blanket over a fragile poach egg on a toasted muffin, simple spanish omelet with crisp bacon, and of course scramble eggs, which has to be done nicely, not overly overcooked but slightly creamy with the help of cream and butter, moist and yet still able to fork through....

2 Fresh Farm Eggs
Fresh Cream (Generous Splash)
French Butter ( My only prefered choice would be "President" unsalted French Butter, use a small slab one to be melted on the pan, and the reserve to pinch into knobs to throw into egg mixture)
Salt and Black pepper to taste

Have eggs beaten up and fold in cream, throw in a few knobs of butter into egg mixture and whisk well, you could use a whisk but i prefer using a fork, no heavy equipments for the morning..
Heat non-stick pan well, and slide butter in, once fully melted pour in egg mixture and start to scrambled and stir, taking pan away from heat, this would then prevent eggs from overcooking and browning, once eggs start to curdle and cook, which you would end up having ribbon-ny texture, take off heat and serve.
A good scramble egg should end up being moist, soft and cooked, not something that ends up rubbery and brown...

Happy Scrambling!

Monday, May 19, 2008; 9:45 AM

Kudos to Raga for the fantastic layout, i'm quite HTML illiterate for that matter...

This took quite a while to conceptualise. I've always toy with the idea of having a blog that talks about food, and seeing so many food blogs around, its inspiring for me to share and talk about what's closest to my heart which is food and of course cooking my love, i guess some things like wine, will grow better and you tend to love it more when you grow older isn't it?
The thing about food and my approach to food has always been the "take it easy approach", and its the same treatment i put to cooking, and as most chef put it, to "respect" the ingredient, i feel its true. Which is why i always love how the Australians cook, simple and straight to the point, which somehow allows you to map out the flavors and taste without having to taste it physcially.

The name "Silver Pantry" is special to me, because someday i hope to open my own small pantry/cafe, with just a simple notion of doing what i do best and cooking the food i love, i think when love is injected into cooking, your food has emotions and its no longer just a plate of something for you to satisfy your hunger.......

A food eating bacteria that chomps his way around...

Chomp This!

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